Condulet® Conduit Bodies LR
Condulets are installed in conduit systems to:
• Act as pull outlets for conductors being installed
• Provide an opening for making splices and taps in conductors
• Connect conduit sections
• Provide taps for branch conduit runs
• Make 90-degree bends in conduit runs
• Provide access to conductors in a conduit system for maintenance and future system changes

• All SnapPack product is individually bar coded to facilitate more efficient inventory control

• Distributors and end-users need to stock a single SKU instead of three separate component numbers – order the body, cover and gasket with one catalog number – saving transaction costs, and making product selection and merchandising fast and easy

• Form 7 conduit bodies are compact with a round back design for neat, efficient installations

• Conduit hubs have tapered threads and integral bushings for protection of wire insulation

• Many shapes and trade sizes available

• Sheet-steel wedge nut cover is provided with integral gasket. The wedge nut design facilitates installation and removal. Nuts and screws are held captive in cover

• Cover screws are stainless steel with a combination slotted and Phillips head, for easy installation and superior corrosion protection

Certifications and Compliances:
• UL Standard: 514B
• CSA Standard: C22.2 No. 18